Thursday, March 3, 2016

NC PACES Act Will Also Enable Real Estate Crowdfunding

Chicago attorney Anthony Zeoli has put together a very interesting analysis of how investment crowdfunding exemptions like the NC PACES Act and Federal Title III can significantly increase the investor pool in the real estate markets.

Knock Knock ... Who's There? A TON of Potential New Real Estate Investors
By Anthony J. Zeoli
Anthony Zeoli

"To date, most crowdfunded investment opportunities have been limited to wealthy investors who meet the current definition of “accredited investor.” This has left an absolutely HUGE market of potential investor capital, represented by those individuals who currently do not qualify as accredited investors, virtually untapped. However, with the increasing number of viable intrastate crowdfunding regulations (*cough*… Illinois), as well as significant broadening changes potentially being made to the current definition of accredited investor in the near future, more investor capital than ever before is set to enter the private placement market. Of the classes of crowdfunding investments that will gain from this potential influx of new investor capital, real estate crowdfunding is certainly at the top of the list."

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Anthony J. Zeoli is an experienced finance and business attorney practicing in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. His primary areas of practice include securities/crowdfunding law, banking and commercial finance law, real estate law and general corporate law. He also led the successful effort to create the intrastate crowdfunding exemption in Illinois.

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