Monday, December 10, 2018

NC IDEA Foundation and LocalstakeNC Announce a New Grant Program to Support Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns

By Mark Easley

About Mark Easley
NC IDEA Foundation has announced a new grant program that provides grants to North Carolina startups and existing businesses that are preparing investment crowdfunding campaigns to raise capital. NC IDEA has partnered with the North Carolina investment crowdfunding platform LocalstakeNC to help companies cover the costs of creating and promoting an investment crowdfunding campaign on the LocalstakeNC platform.

Investment crowdfunding is a new way for businesses to raise money by selling debt or equity securities to the public using an investment crowdfunding platform like LocalstakeNC. Businesses can sell equity securities including preferred or common stock or SAFEs, or debt securities including convertible notes, revenue share loans, or promissory note loans. Now NC businesses and startups can use new securities laws including the NC PACES Act (raise up to $2M), the Federal JOBS Act Regulation Crowdfunding (raise up to $1M), and Reg A+ (raise up to $50M) to raise funds, and both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest in North Carolina startups and businesses that offer securities using these laws. LocalstakeNC also supports 506(B), 506(C), and 504 offerings.

As NC IDEA states in their press release:

"Platforms like Localstake NC have emerged over the last few years to help companies raise investment capital from individual investors. The recent passage of the NC PACES Act gives North Carolina companies another mechanism to raise capital from individuals in a compliant and organized manner. Conversely, these platforms allow all individuals regardless of accreditation to support local companies with their investment dollars. While this mechanism has helped thousands of companies across the country successfully raise capital, to date, few companies in North Carolina have taken advantage of this potential alternative to raising money. Through a competitive application process similar to other Foundation programs, NC IDEA will award $5,000 grants to selected companies wishing to expand their businesses via investment crowdfunding on Localstake NC this Spring. Grant recipients will be supported by NC IDEA and work directly with Localstake NC to have an active fundraiser on their platform by May 2019. Grant funds will be used to pay for platform fees ($2K) with the remainder directed toward supporting marketing materials and other related expenses."

NC IDEA Investment Crowdfunding Grant applications will be open from December 17th to January 28th.

Want to learn more and apply? See the Crowdfunding Grant Announcement here. And you can learn more about the Crowdfunding Grant Program here.

There will be an online webinar hosted by NC IDEA and LocalstakeNC to explain the process and answer questions on December 17th at 1:00pm. You can register for the Crowdfunding Grant Webinar here.