Investment Crowdfunding Services
For North Carolina Investors, Investor Networks and Funding Support Organizations

North Carolina residents can now allocate a portion of their investment funds in an organized and transparent way using a broker/dealer account on Localstake NC to build a diversified portfolio of local investments. First decide how much you want to invest in these private offerings, and what type of offerings interest you. Are you interested in income generation (debt offerings) or long term equity growth (equity offerings)? Are there certain types of companies or products or services that interest you? Are you interested in supporting local companies in your community or elsewhere in North Carolina? These are high risk investments, so how much can you afford to risk?

Investment crowdfunding is now available in North Carolina. Startups and small businesses can use it to raise money to get their company off the ground and help it to grow. We have the resources in place to help you find the best new startup and small business investment opportunities in North Carolina. And our new NC PACES Act investment crowdfunding law provides a great new option that allows any North Carolina resident to invest in the next high growth startup or interesting local business right in their community.

Your mission as an investor is to find great investment opportunities in North Carolina startups and small businesses that have a good company vision, a real problem they are solving with their product or service, a great solution they have developed, a focused view of their market and how they are going to reach it, how they plan to beat their competition, a reasonable financial projection of their business and the excellent team they have put together that can make their business a success. On their crowdfunding investment campaign webpage, these companies will make their case for the funding they need to get that done, and explain the investment offering they are making. Their goal is to find investors like you in your community and around North Carolina that share their enthusiasm for their business and will help fund it.

Here at you can find the tools and services from the top investment crowdfunding experts in North Carolina to help investors, investor networks and funding support organizations find, organize, and vet those opportunities whether they are using Regulation D, Regulation CF or North Carolina PACES Act equity or debt offerings.

Localstake NC also provides special hosting and deal flow services for investor networks like angel investor groups, startup accelerators, and small business funding support organizations. Please contact us for more information.

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Investment considerations:

  • Investment crowdfunding platforms like Localstake NC make it easier than ever to find, vet, and invest in promising startups and small businesses that are doing debt or equity offerings using Regulation D, Regulation CF, or NC PACES Act exemptions. And we make it easy to share that information with investor groups and funding support organizations.

  • Localstake NC is a registered Broker/Dealer in North Carolina and many other states, so your investor account falls under the regulatory compliance rules of FINRA, the SEC, and the state of North Carolina. It is very similar to opening an investment account at any other online Broker/Dealer, but you have the opportunity to invest in private equity and debt offerings. But keep in mind that private equity and debt offerings are risky, and that investors can lose part or all of their investment.

  • These Localstake NC investor accounts are not just for wealthy Angel investors. Under Regulation Crowdfunding and the NC PACES Act offering exemptions, anyone can invest in these offerings as long as the limits and rules for the exemptions are followed. For the first time, every retail investor in North Carolina can participate in these private equity and debt offerings. But keep in mind that private equity and debt offerings are risky, and that investors can lose part or all of their investment.

  • Localstake NC can also support the needs of investor networks such as angel investor groups, university investor networks, specialized investor networks which focus on particular areas such as IoT, startup accelerators, and small business funding support groups like Chambers of Commerce. Contact us for more info on what we can do for your investor network or funding support organization.

  • Investment crowdfunding is a whole new efficient and cost effect way for startups and small businesses to raise funds and for investors to find and invest in those companies. Investment Crowdfunding is matching the right companies with the right investors, which improves the chances for success by both.

  • The minimum investment amount for crowdfunding offerings is usually much lower than traditional angel investor offerings. This allows crowdfunding investors to diversify their investments across more offerings to reduce risk.

  • Last year over $45B was raised for startups and small businesses around the nation using crowdfunding. Now it is our turn in North Carolina.

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